Readers ask: Curry Ou Westbrook?

Is Steph better than Westbrook?

Kevin Durant casually picks Stephen Curry as a better player than Russell Westbrook. Curry is a 48% career shooter and 44% career three-point shooter while Westbrook is 43% from the field and a 31% from beyond the arc on his career.

Who’s better Westbrook or curry?

Russell Westbrook has a 20-19 winning record over Stephen Curry, but Stephen Curry won more matchups in the Playoffs for a 4-3 postseason record.

Who is better Russell Westbrook or Damian Lillard?

It’s tough to come up with a better leader between two focal point guards in the league. Westbrook wins the numbers battle with more assists and usage rate, but Lillard wins when it comes to his on-court impact.

How heavy is Russell Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook

No. 4 – Washington Wizards
Born November 12, 1988 Long Beach, California
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Listed weight 200 lb (91 kg)


Who is better harden or curry?

In the matchups alone, we can see the Curry is the more effective defender so far. Curry is a net +11.7 in his on-court minutes for his career and +5.8 so far this season, compared to +5.1 and +0.9, respectively for Harden. Advanced defensive stats are, as expected, not very good for two shoot-first guards.

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Who’s better Kyrie or Westbrook?

Kyrie is a much better free throw shooter than Westbrook. Kyrie is a much better player at creating an efficient shot from mid range than Russ is. Shooting is literally the single most important attribute in the NBA, and Westbrook is the worst high volume three point shooter in NBA history.

Why is Dame better than Russ?

Lillard Much Better Westbrook’s otherworldly athleticism makes him a better defender, but the difference isn’t great enough to offset the gulf on offense between the two. That also isn’t to say Russ is a good defender – he is just better when compared to Dame.

Why is Westbrook better than Dame?

The big difference between the roles the two have had on their respective teams, is usage. Westbrook has usage percentages of 32 and 34 percent in regular season and playoffs, while Dame is at 28 percent. Westbrook has a lot more of the ball. Dame is a better free throw shooter in the playoffs and regular season.

Why is Lillard so good?

His ability to shoot, drive, pass, lead a team, stay healthy, and his improvement in defense last season is why I believe Lillard is the best point guard in the NBA.

What team is Russell Westbrook 2021?

2021 was a historic year for Westbrook as well. He set the all-time record for triple-doubles, passing Oscar Robertson’s total of 181. It was a record that stood for 47 years. Westbrook is set to return to the Wizards next season, as he has two more years left on his contract worth over $90 million. 6

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